SHINee Minho interacts with fans for the first time after discharge! Live streaming on “V LIVE” today … Preparing various corners

Photo = SM Entertainment

SHINee’s Minho will deliver live to commemorate the discharge.

Minho is 16 From 7:00 pm on the day, NAVER’s live video distribution application “V LIVE” “MINHO: I’m Home” will be broadcast live to commemorate the expulsion through the SHINee channel. He plans to communicate online with fans around the world and is attracting attention.

Especially this delivery is an event where Minho communicates with fans for the first time after discharge, so his daily life, preparing gifts for fans, new experiences of Minho, letters We plan to set up various corners such as reading aloud to actively communicate.

As a member of SHINee, he has gained worldwide popularity for his unique musical colors and outstanding performance. Not only that, he has been active and loved in various fields such as dramas, movies, and variety shows, so expectations for future activities are rising.

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