SHINee Minho & Wanna One from Kang Daniel and others starring “Law of the Jungle – Pioneers”

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Photo = SBS
The production team of SBS “Law of the Jungle-Pioneers” has released an official poster showing the appearance of the new Byungman tribe.

“Law of the Jungle-Pioneers” will be broadcast for the first time in South Korea from 8:55 pm on February 20th. The program depicts the Byung-man tribe living on an isolated island where people have been separated by utilizing abandoned houses. The Byungman will show a 72-hour survival drama that grows through a passion for pioneering and a passionate love for colleagues.

The destination of the Byungman tribe this time is a small island in Goheung-gun, Jeollanam-do. The theme of this survival is to survive by utilizing the leftovers in abandoned houses and closed schools where people disappear and only weeds and spider webs grow. In addition, they will be forced to live in the frigid cold, where the temperature drops to -20 degrees Celsius at night.

In this “Pioneers” edition, we have sent love calls from “Law of the Jungle” for a long time for super-luxury performers to make an appearance on the show and now it has attracted attention. Prior to that, Jang Hyuk, a “charismatic action genius”, finally responded to the love call from the program in it’s 10th year. Jang Hyuk is said to have the greatest physical strength in history, climbing tall trees, building ships and crossing the island, and impresses the production team.

In addition, SHINee’s Minho and Wanna One’s Kang Daniel, who are indispensable for “passion”, Trot (Korean ensemble) singer Park Kung, and Choi Ji-man, a major leaguer who challenged Korean variety for the first time. “Miss Trot 2” musical actress Youngji, Michelin chef Song Hung, actor Shin Sung-hwan, and comedian Choi Sung-min have joined. Pioneers in different fields are looking forward to showing off their extraordinary chemistry as well as their passion for survival.

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