SHINee Onew’s first performance of the musical “A Song to the Sun” ended with great success.

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SHINee’s Onew finished his first musical with great success.

On the 5th, Onew went up on the stage of the romance musical ‘A Song to the Sun’, which contains the brightest moments in the life of a girl and a boy who met under the light of the moon in the middle of the night, and charmed the audience with his explosive voice and the tone that perfectly fit his character.

In particular, in this production, he played the role of Haram, a boy as dazzling as the midday sun, and beautifully portrayed the primitive and warm character with his own delicate emotions.

In addition, his performance of “A Song to the Sun,”  will be held again tomorrow afternoon (July 7), is attracting a lot of attention as it will be broadcast live in real time, not only at the venue, but also on the big screens of 29 CGV theaters nationwide.

Until now, Onew has been vigorously working as a part of SHINee, as well as OST‘s and solo album to express his unique music, and other musical theatre shows such asBrothers were brave” , has gained experience him experience by trying his hand at musicals such asRock of AgesandHomecomingand has shown his unique presence. There is a lot of interest in his future career as a musical actor.

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