SHINee releases 7th full-length album “Don’t Call Me” timetable … Various preview contents are released in sequence

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Photo = SM Entertainment

SHINee will make a comeback on February 22nd with their 7th full-length album.

At midnight on the 6th, the timetable released through SHINee’s official SNS included the opening schedule and mysterious message of the preview content of the 7th full album “Don’t Call Me”, which attracted the attention of fans. ..

SHINee is expected to raise expectations for a comeback by releasing various contents such as a preview video and preview image that can confirm the concept of the new album in advance from the 9th, and a music video preview video of the title song.

In addition, the ARS promotion “SHINee is Calling” will also release new content every week, and through the SHINee hotline (Korea: 1811-0525 / overseas: + 82-70-7103-0525), highlight medley of recorded songs, TMI by member (Too Much Information) is scheduled to be shown, and it seems to be even more interesting.

SHINee’s 7th full-length album “Don’t Call Me” will be released on February 22nd and is now available for pre-order on various music distribution sites.

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