SHINee Taemin spotted a fan’s car promoting his new song in the city! The post went viral: “I can’t believe I’m actually seeing this in real life…”

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Photo=Newsen DB

SHINee’s Taemin expressed his joy after he found a car promoting his new song.

Taemin posted a photo through his Instagram today (23rd) with the comment, “I can’t believe I’m actually seeing this in real life…”.

In the photo, you can see a fan’s car with a sticker on it to promote Taemin’s new song “Advice”. He found it by chance and even took an authentication shot, which made Taemin’s fan-friendly behavior create a smiling atmosphere.

When Key saw the post, he joked, “You were behind me, weren’t you? He joked and drew laughter.

Later, a fan who was in the car posted on Twitter, “I’m the one who saw Taemin’s car. As I was driving, a big car followed behind me, then I came next to the car and when the passenger window opened, I saw Taemin staring at me. I was so surprised that I also opened the window and waved to him and said, ‘Hello~'”.

Fans who saw this post responded, “Taemin who greeted me and the fans are really cute,” “A post that makes me happy,” “I’m jealous,” and “You’re really a successful fan.

Taemin recently released his 3rd mini album “Advice”.

Photo: Taemin Instagram

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