SHINee’s Onew showcases various moods in photo shoot.. talks about their 1st full album ‘Circle’

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Photo: “Allure Korea”

SHINee’s Onew expressed his love for his 1st full album.

Onew participated in a fashion portrait for the April issue of the fashion lifestyle magazine “Allure Korea”. He showcased a variety of moods, alternating between monochrome and color.

He wore various outfits, from refined leather pants to unique pleated skirt pants.


During the accompanying interview, he described the 1st full album “Circle” as “an album that I thought could honestly bring out the inner self of one person, Onew,” and said, “I also wanted to expand the spectrum of music. ‘Circle’ seems to be a stepping stone for our future activities.”

Furthermore, Onew also shared behind-the-scenes stories about the album, saying, “I immersed myself in it from the starting point and put in the effort to flesh it out. We did mixing and mastering so many times that I lost count. We didn’t overlook any aspect, from the tunes, rhythm, mixing, and spatial feel during recording, to the mastering. Rather than feeling exhausted from focusing on one thing, I actually gained energy from breathing with different people through the process.”

Onew’s 1st full album “Circle,” released on March 6th, topped the main charts in Korea and overseas, proving his global popularity.

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