Singer and producer Code Kunst bulks up at the gym

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Singer and producer Code Kunst has confessed to successfully bulking up.

On MBC’s ‘Radio Star’, which aired on the 5th, guests Ba-da, Jo Hyun-ah, Code Kunst, and Kim Yong-pil appeared.

Code Kunst before gaining weight / News1
Code Kunst before gaining weight / News1

Code Kunst, who became famous as ‘The Messenger’ on MBC’s ‘I Live Alone,’ said, “During last year, I strongly felt that I needed to gain weight and exercise. I was only 61-62kg in the beginning, but now I come and go between 69-70kg,” boasting about his results.

When Kim Guk-jin expressed envy, saying “That’s the dream weight,” Code Kunst shared the difficulties of bulking up, saying, “As you know, if we let our guard down, we can easily lose progress. There are times when we even overeat, thinking we need to grow more, only to get stomach aches and go back to square one.”

Code Kunst after gaining weight / MBC's 'Radio Star'
Code Kunst after gaining weight / MBC’s ‘Radio Star’

Code Kunst said, “When I go to the gym, I often attract attention. It’s not because my body is so cool, but because many personal trainers say, ‘That’s my guy.’ While I want to work out alone, I end up seeing all my movements in the mirror, wearing various tank tops,” bringing laughter.

He also shared an amusing story, saying, “Once, someone was very interested in me. I was uploading pictures, and they said, ‘If you grow a little bit more (in height), you could reach 185cm (6’1″).’ They urged me to work out harder, but I stopped visiting because they gave me a tumbler with a spring inside, saying, ‘You’re very good at mixing protein.’ They asked me to show them when I come back, but I haven’t been back since. Now I only do 100% home training.”

Code Kunst said that the real reason he decided to bulk up was, “When I was in my twenties, being slim was enough, but in my thirties, even when I slept for 8 or 9 hours, people asked, ‘Did you work yesterday?’ Let’s not listen to anyone who says we look sickly. I resolved to grow my shoulders and arms, even if only those. Now when I touch my arms, they’re as thick as a person,” he boasted.

Of course, Code Kunst is still known as a very skinny person among older women. He said, “Recently, I went to Jeju Island with my family and climbed Hallasan. An old lady handed me a rice cake from her pocket and said, ‘Eat this.’ I thanked her and turned away, but she grabbed my arm and said suspiciously, ‘Are you planning to throw it away? Eat it in front of me.’ So, I had to eat it while giving exaggerated reactions,” he said with a laugh.

Singer and producer Code Kunst / Code Kunst Instagram
Singer and producer Code Kunst / Code Kunst Instagram

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