Singer KCM confesses his black history with tattoos and why he rejected a $1,330,034.84 USD nude photo book.

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Photo=Capture of MBC’s “Radio Star” broadcast screen

Singer KCM revealed an episode about his belly button tattoo.

On this day, Kim Gu-ra asked KCM, “I heard you once had something bad done to your belly button, do you still have it? and showed a photo of his belly button tattoo.

KCM replied, “I have it removed now.” “At that time, a singer named Sisqó had a tattoo on his navel, and it was really cool. That’s why I got it, too, because it means ‘always shining bright like the sun and I took pride in it. I was proud of it, but when my acquaintances saw it, they laughed at me.

Kim Gu-ra asked, “Thanks to your belly button, did you get an offer for a nude photo book? KCM replied, “At that time, nude photo books were very popular.” At the time, the president of the agency seemed to be swayed by the price of a nude photo book. However, I was in a state where I wasn’t confident about everything because of my life was in trouble, I rejected it,” he answered.

Jeong Jun-ha, who was working for the same agency at the time, said, “That was worth 1.5 billion won (about 1,330,034.84)! He surprised everyone by revealing how much it was worth.

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