Six-member rookie boy group JUST B releases their last member JM! He was born in “I-LAND” and has excellent skills.

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Photo=Bluedot Entertainment

Rookie boy group Just B has revealed JM as their last member, completing their six-member group.

Today (29th) at midnight, the profile image of the sixth member JM was posted on their official Twitter.

In the profile, JM is admired for his well-rounded eyes and diverse charm. In his white outfit, he shows off a pure image, while in his black outfit, he exudes a cool charisma.

Last year, JM appeared on Mnet’s “I-LAND” broadcasted in Korea under his real name, Chu Ji Min, and showed his strong presence. He gained popularity for his comic-book looks and outstanding skills. The related video also recorded a high number of views and was supported by global fans.

The handwritten image that was released to the public has also evoked an enthusiastic response. In his “first writing profile”, he said he is proud to be the mood maker of JUST B. He also expressed his passion by saying, “I want to be a JM who grows up hard,” which is getting a lot of attention.

In this way, all the members of JUST B have been unveiled, including Geonu, JM, Jimin, DY, Sangwoo and Bain. With six members who are both talented and visually appealing, the internet has been flooded with reactions from fans who are looking forward to seeing them.

JUST B is hard at work preparing for their album with the goal of debuting this summer. The “B” in the group’s name, JUST B, is Burn, which means “to go at it with a burning passion.”

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