Six-member rookie boy group JUST B reveals members Bain & Kim Sang Woo! Finalists of “Under Nineteen”

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Photo=Bluedot Entertainment

JUST B has revealed their members Kim Sang Woo and Bain to set the mood for their debut.
JUST B posted a profile image of their fourth member, Kim Sang Woo, on their official Twitter account at midnight on the 27th.

In the released image, Kim Sang Woo drew attention at once with his perfect visual that looks like it came out of a cartoon. In the photo, he is wearing a shirt that shows off his urban vibe, and in the photo with a black jacket, he shows off his strong male charm.

Kim Sang Woo is a secret member who has not been shown to fans until now. Until now, his agency Bluedot Entertainment has been showing the daily lives of the Bluedot boys (tentative name) through their official account, attracting a lot of attention. However, Kim Sang Woo has been quietly preparing for his debut under a veil. Therefore, when he was revealed as the fourth member of the group, many fans showed their curiosity.

Kim Sang Woo’s handwritten profile was also released. In his “first written profile,” he introduced himself as JUST B’s “my own dance director.” In addition to his visuals, his dancing skills are also highly anticipated.

At midnight on the 28th, the profile image of the fifth member, Bain, was also released.

In the photo, Bain has a moist look in his eyes and a pure boyish vibe. He exudes a contradictory charm with his changing hairstyle. He participated in MBC’s “UNDER NINETEEN” broadcast in 2018 under his real name, Song Byeong Hee, and made it to the finals. He combined handsome visuals, talent, and ability to garner support.

After four years and five months as a trainee, Bain is now attracting attention for his future activities. He is also fluent in English and is expected to interact with fans around the world.

Bain’s handwritten profile, which was released at noon that day, is also attracting attention. With a height of 183cm, he introduced himself as “I’m the vocalist of JUST B, in charge of height.”

After revealing members Geon-u from “I-LAND”, Lim Jimin from “THE FAN”, Jeon Do Yum from “UNDER19”, Kim Sang Woo, and Bae In in that order, JUST B has only one member left. With the growing interest of fans around the world, what kind of album will the six members debut with this summer?

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