Song Jae-yeop releases a commemorative shot with Miss A’s Suzy “Congratulations your 10th anniversary”

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Dancer Son Jae-yeop from cable channel Mnet “Somebody 2” has released a commemorative shot with Suzy from miss A.

On the 24th, Song Jae-yeop said on Instagram, “Congratulations your 10th anniversary of’Suzy: A Tempo’! @Skuukzky Thank you to all the people who worked with us. I wrote “Beautiful best # Grandmaster” and posted the photo taken with Suzy.

Song Jae-yeop in the photo is wearing a black mask and is in a charismatic pose. Suzy puts a cheeky look next to him.

Suzy recently held  “Suzy: A Tempo: 10th anniversary concert”, and Song Jae-yeop performed with Suzy as a dancer.

Last year, Song Jae-yeop participated in star performances with outstanding dance skills, such as performing a collaboration stage with member Lee Chae-yeon at an online concert of IZ * ONE.

He was loved by viewers for his candid and naive charm on “Somebody 2” broadcast in South Korea in 2019.

Photo = Song Jae-yeop Instagram

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