Song Joong-ki appears in Heize’s new song “HAPPEN” MV trailer… accidental crossover?

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Heize’s new song “HAPPEN” music video trailer “Song Joong-ki version” has been released.

The second trailer for the music video of the title track of Heize’s 7th EP “HAPPEN” was released through Heize’s official YouTube channel yesterday afternoon (May 19).

Following Heize’s narration of “I don’t know if the first time I meet you is really the first time,” in the first trailer, this video starts with Song Joong-ki’s narration of “I don’t know if the coincidences I sometimes come across are really coincidences. Then, Song Joong-ki, looking dandy-like, makes an eye-catching appearance. Then, he runs into Heize, who may or may not be a coincidence.

The trailer starts with Heize’s gaze and leads to Song Joong-ki’s gaze at Heize, and the melody of “HAPPEN” blends in, raising expectations for the full-length music video. In addition, there is a lot of interest in the emotional video, which is like a short film.

Heize’s new album “HAPPEN” is her first in about 11 months, and is her first album to be released since joining P NATION, which is under PSY. The album contains eight songs with various emotions and stories about love, including the title song “Happy” written and composed by Heize.

Heize’s seventh EP, “HAPPEN,” which attracted attention with its movie-like storyline and appearance by Song Joong-ki, will be released through music distribution sites at 6:00 p.m. on the 20th with the full-length music source and music video for the title song “HAPPEN.

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