Starting Girls debut soon! Chae Eun revealed

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Photo = Starting House Entertainment

The first members who will be following the latest trend have been revealed.

On the 20th at midnight, Starting House Entertainment released the personal content of the members of Starting Girls 스타팅걸즈 (temporary name) through their official SNS. The first protagonist to appear was Chae Eun.

In the released images, Chae Eun is captured confidently staring at the camera. Her white skin, big eyes, and confident atmosphere captivated the viewer’s gaze.

In addition, the video that was released along with it contained content that brought Chae Eun closer to the viewers. She talked about herself as a “rainbow” and introduced herself as someone with various charms, saying that she has been nurturing her dreams while attending a dance class.

Chae Eun said, “Even if we go through tough times, we have a strong power and we won’t give up. I want to fulfill my role to the best of my ability without crumbling.” Chae Eun, who shows a frank and confident charm as a member of Starting Girls, is expected to leave a strong impression on stage and enjoy it.

Starting House also simultaneously released the alphabet “A” along with Chae Eun’s images and film, stimulating curiosity. People are anticipating what kind of message is hidden in the letter “A” and what kind of hints will be revealed to complete the puzzle of Starting Girls in the future.

Starting Girls is preparing to debut in the first half of this year. They recently opened their official SNS and announced plans to actively communicate with their fans.

Starting Girls is a group with artistic creativity, such as differentiated performances and concepts, as well as songwriting and choreography. Among many groups that represent K-POP, Starting Girls show their unique style.

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