Stray Kids, Japan’s 1st mini album “ALL IN” purchaser-only event ends with great success! “We were happy too”

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Stray Kids made their long-awaited debut in Japan in March last year.

Their music videos has been viewed 100 million times on YouTube, their Korean official Instagram followers have exceeded 10 million, and their Japanese official TikTok followers have exceeded 3 million. The 10 Best Songs of 2020 selected by TIME magazine in the United States has been talked about as the only K-POP artists to be ranked in, and are called the next-generation No. 1 boy group. They held an Online Talk Show on Sunday, January 24th.

The Online Talk Show held this time is a purchaser-only event for Japan’s 1st mini album “ALL IN” released on November 4, 2020 (Wednesday). Masayuki Furuya, who is familiar with K-POP artist events, MC’d the show and the members streamed live from Seoul, South Korea. They not only talked but also did fortune-telling, game corner and much more.

At the opening event, looking back on their Japan debut in 2020, Hyunjin asked, “What are your goals for 2021 and what activities do you want to challenge?” “I want to make it with the members of Stray Kids,” , “I want to meet a lot with STAY (their fan name).” Felix said, “I challenged to make a full-fledged cake. I want to behave to everyone”.

At the end of the show each member said in fluent Japanese, “I had a lot of fun today! I was really happy that STAY was there. Thank you.” “I always love you. I look forward to seeing you again.”

Stray Kids showed a playful and cute appearance that could not be imagined from their appearance so be sure to keep an eye on their future activities, whose momentum is likely to accelerate in 2021.

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