Stray Kids’ “KINGDOM” ranked No. 1 in the overall ranking to date… Tense but fiercely close competition in front of the powerful judges.

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The overall ranking, which is the sum of face-to-face, first and second competitions, and global evaluation, has been released.

On the afternoon of the 13th, Mnet’s “KINGDOM : LEGENDARY WAR” aired in Korea, and Stray Kids took the top spot.

The ranking of the second competition was THE BOYZ in 6th place, Stray Kids in 5th place, iKON in 4th place, ATEEZ in 3rd place, BTOB in 2nd place, and SF9 in 1st place. ATEEZ, whom was in first place in the interim results, fell to third place according to the global evaluation scores.

The current final ranking of the first and second competitions was released, with THE BOYZ in 6th place, SF9 in 5th place, iKON in 4th place, BTOB in 3rd place, ATEEZ in 2nd place, and Stray Kids in 1st place. The participants were surprised at the completely different results from the second competition, saying that there was not much of a difference in the scores and that they would change again depending on the scores of the third competition.

The third competition would be a unit showdown. On the same day, a special evaluation team was present to watch over the stage: SUPER JUNIOR’s Shindong and Donghae, Shinsadong (S.TIGER), music critic Kim Young Dae, production team Monotree, music video director Jang Dong-joo, choreographer Leah Kim, and junior BTOB’s Minhyuk couldn’t hide his nervousness, saying, “I was going to have fun, but suddenly I’m getting nervous.”

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