Sung Hoon, thank you for the coffee from the fans … Cute photo with your dog

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Actor Sung Hoon thanked his fan the coffee.

On the 17th, Sung Hoon posted two photos on his Instagram with a note saying, “I just need the scent, but what’s up with this?”

In the photo, he poses with a jump in front of a coffee catering car, showing his joy. He also thanked fans by leaving a shot taken with his dog and fan gifts.

In particular, the sculptural visuals of Sung Hoon caught the eye, and the wide shoulders and sharp chin lines made fans flutter.

“Marriage Lyrics, Divorce Composition” starring Sung Hoon is a story about unimaginable misfortune that befalls three attractive female protagonists in their 30s, 40s, and 50s, and a couple searching for true love. It’s a drama about our dissonance. Broadcasting will begin on the 23rd in South Korea.

Photo = Sung Hoon Instagram

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