“Sung Si-kyung introduces his favorite Chinese restaurant in Shinbashi, “a taste not found in Korea” (with video).”

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Photo: Sung Si-kyung YouTube screen capture

Sung Si-kyung introduced a Japanese Chinese restaurant.

On the 16th, Sung Si-kyung posted a video titled “Eating with Sung Si-kyung – Shinbashi” on his YouTube channel.

In the video, Sung Si-kyung visited a Japanese restaurant. While ordering, he said, “I have to go back to Korea and go on a diet,” and then commented, “I should say this a little carefully, but there seems to be a slightly unfriendly impression. I think it’s because there are many people in the restaurant who are not good at Japanese. But when you become friends with them, you get closer again. That means they have a warm heart.”

Then, he said, “There is no Chinese restaurant where all the menu items are satisfying. There are some that are delicious and there are still some that are disappointing.” For example, he joked, “Even if someone looks like Song Hye-kyo and their tastes match perfectly, they still can’t marry their ideal type.” He shared his personal opinion by saying, “If there are two or three representative dishes that the restaurant is good at, you have to try the rest of the dishes as well.”

Then, he introduced dishes with good cost performance and added, “Since the prices are not that burdensome, I want you to order and eat dishes that suit your taste.”

On this day, Sung Si-kyung ordered cold noodles and said, “SISTAR’s Soyou came here to say hello (and fell in love with the food). Shin Yong-jae from the 2F also requested a reservation here. It’s a taste that you can’t find in Korea. Next week, I will introduce a delicious restaurant in Korea,” raising curiosity.

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