Sung Si-kyung releases the trailer for the music video of his title track “I Love U”

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On the 13th, Sung Si-kyung released a trailer for the title song “I Love U” from his 8th full album “ㅅ (ㅅ)” through his official YouTube channel.

The video begins with a scene of someone passing a rose through a curtain. The refreshing atmosphere of the space with the light sound catches our attention. With this as a backdrop, Sung Si-kyung appeared in a pink outfit that he wore perfectly, boasting a sweet visual. He also wore a white shirt and laid down on the carpet to create a relaxed mood.

He sang one phrase of “I Love U” in a particularly warm tone and made his fans smile warmly for the camera.

l feelings of unexpected crushes close to them and treat them with all their heart. The lyrics, “It took me too long / To tell you my heart like this,” combined with his sweet voice, will bring listeners the moment of their first crush.

Sung Si-kyung’s 8th full-length album “ㅅ (ㅅ)” iI Love U” is a song for people who have become desensitized to their “crushes” in their tired daily lives, and Sung Si-kyung sings that he wants people to feel the smals an album that contains messages about everyday life, people, love, life, time, wounds, gifts, hands, gaze, and other ordinary but important things that begin with the Hangul word “ㅅ. Starting with the title track “I Love U,” the album also includes “And we go,” “Wanderer,” “We loved you at one time,” “The time I loved you,” “Connection,” “With all my heart,” “Mom and dad,” “There was no miracle to forget you,” “What a Feeling,” “My night, my you,” “Forever,” “Lullaby,” “First The album contains a total of 14 songs, including “It’s Winter”.

The 8th full album “ㅅ” with Sung Si-kyung’s unique and delicate sensibility will be released on the 21st at 6pm through various music distribution sites.

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