SUPER JUNIOR Dong-Hae & NU’EST’s JR, What do they have in common? What is their reaction to Shindong’s words?

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Photo=SBS Media Net

During the recent filming of “Idol Challenge: Another Class” for SBB Media Net’s official YouTube channels “THE K-POP” and “Vorago,” MC SUPER JUNIOR’s Shindong said, “It seems like the members of NU’EST and Donghae have a lot in common.

He continued, “First of all, NU’EST can write lyrics and music just like Donghae, and then there’s one more thing that JR and Donghae have in common. 

NU’EST members and Donghae nodded their heads and JR agreed that he had a dinosaur face. Donghae and JR stood side by side and Shindong expressed his surprise that they looked exactly alike.

He added, “And one more thing, Donghae is an ‘acting dollar’ (acting + idol), and I heard that NU’EST is also active as an actor.

“Idol Challenge: Another Class” is a friendly donation challenge with the Green Umbrella Children’s Foundation. If idol groups succeed in small game missions, they can make donations in the name of their idols and fans.

Idol Challenge: Another Class,” featuring NU’EST, will be released on the official YouTube channels “THE K-POP” and “Vorago” at 6 p.m. on May 14.

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