SUPER JUNIOR Heechul & Kim Won Hee co-star as MCs in new variety show ‘Falling for Korea – Transnational Couples’. . . Starts on May 28th.

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Photo=CREATIVE GROUP ING, SM Entertainment

Talent Kim Won-hee and SUPER JUNIOR’s Heechul hit it off as MCs.

MBN’s “Falling for Korea – Transnational Couples”, which is set to air for the first time on the 28th of this month, is a variety show that will deepen your understanding of internationally married families and rediscover Korea. They will also have a heated discussion on the theme of “everyday life while living in Korea.

Kim Won-hee and Kim Hee-cheol, who will be working together as MCs, will be able to see international families living in Korea from a completely different perspective, and will be able to talk about a variety of topics experiences. In particular, Kim Won-hee, the “powerhouse of the MC world,” and Heechul, the “reliable variety idol,” are raising curiosity about their chemistry.

Kim Won-hee is a veteran MC with a smooth and quick pace, and she will enrich “International Couples” with her outstanding empathy and various episodes. Also, Heechul, who is loved steadily, will be the first regular MC of a variety show on MBN and is expected to show off his chemistry with the actors.

In addition, the two will be working with celebrity panelists and performers to show off their skillful storytelling and various reactions based on their observation VCR.

MBN’s “Falling for Korea – Transnational Couples” will start at 11pm on the 28th of this month in Korea.

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