SUPER JUNIOR Leeteuk is angry about repeated hacking

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SUPER JUNIOR’s Leeteuk once again claimed to be a victim of SNS hacking.

On the 28th, Leeteuk posted a message on his Instagram with the words, “#Please don’t hack me #Please don’t hack me #How much do I have to say ……” to let people know that someone tried to access his account. The message was published to let people know.

Photo=Leeteuk’s Instagram

Prior to this, he revealed that he was a victim of hacking many times last year. At the time he said, “It seems like they are hacking everyday, but let’s not. I’m getting a lot of messages,” and “Hacking really stop,” he warned. However, the hacking continues and fans are still worried.

Leeteuk’s group, SUPER JUNIOR, will release their 10th full album “The Renaissance” on the 16th.

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