SUPER JUNIOR Shindong, Heechul and Lee Hye-sung release commemorative shots.

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Photo=Lee Hye-sung’s SNS

Lee Hye-sung, a television personality, shared a photo of herself with Shindong and Heechul of SUPER JUNIOR.

On April 13, Lee Hye-sung posted a picture on her Instagram with the comment, “With Shindong and Heechul.”

In the picture, Lee Hye-sung is standing between Shin Dong and Heechul with a cute smile on her face. Standing next to her, Shindong and Heechul wore unique wigs and struck funny poses that made her laugh.

The three of them look like real siblings, which makes us smile. When netizens saw this, they responded, “Hye-sung , you look so beautiful,” “It’s like a flower blooming quickly,” “You look so cute.”

Lee Hye-sung is dating TV personality Jun Hyun-moo, and has been working vigorously after switching from announcing to freelancing.

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