SUPER JUNIOR Shindong, referring to his past health condition, “I got facial paralysis…I was told I might die in my 40s”

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Photo=SBS Plus “Chondangpo” Capture

SUPER JUNIOR’s Shindong confessed that he had facial paralysis.

On the May 15 broadcast of SBS Plus “Chondangpo” in Korea, Shindong mentioned his serious health condition in the past.

Appearing as a guest on “Chondangpo” Shindong revealed his health checklist. He said, “This is the medical chart that brought me back to health after a red light went off in my health. I once had facial paralysis. The doctor said I might die in my 40s if I didn’t get better,” he said.

He continued, “I took steady care of my health, and when I recorded normal values, I had a medical checkup. In a way, it was life for me. I weighed 116 kilograms, but I lost 83 kilograms. I was born at 4.3 kg, which was excellent. I’ve never been skinny or normal weight,” he confided.

Shindong said, “When I was in the sixth grade, my pants size was 34 to 36. I managed and gained weight repeatedly to reach 116kg. It’s not hard to rebound. But I’m a person who sings in front of people, and I was hurt by vicious comments. Dieting is all about eating and sleeping at a certain time,” he added.

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