SUPER JUNIOR to release lyrics notes of songs included in their 10th full album “The Renaissance”

SUPER JUNIOR will release “Lyrics Note” to their album “The Renaissance”.

Today (17th) at 10 am, “SUPER JUNIOR The 10th Album” The Renaissance “Lyric Note Page 1” was released through official SNS such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. This image depicts the silhouettes of men and women dancing hand in hand with the lyrics “Get your spell Get your light”, tickling your curiosity.

On the other hand, they plan to update the lyrics notes of all eight songs, except for the title song and the pre-release song “The Melody” released on the 6th of this month, in order from today, for the new album. It raises the expectations of music fans.

On November 6th, SUPER JUNIOR pre-released “The Melody” recorded on the 10th full album to commemorate the 15th anniversary of their debut, and iTunes song chart 1 in 5 regions around the world, including Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia, Macau, Singapore and Peru. I got a good reaction, such as recording the rank.

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