SUPERNOVA Sung Je confesses his feelings on his birthday … While refraining from suspicion of illegal gambling “I regret and regret”

Photo = My Daily DB

Sung Je of SUPERNOVA, left a note of remorse on his birthday.

Sungjae wrote his Twitter account on the 17th, “I have had time to look back on myself while spending eight months in Korea from the beginning of March, regretting the past, and reflecting on it.”

He said, “Tighten my swaying heart many times a day, then collapse again and stand up and collapse repeatedly. While doing so, I get tired again. But remembering my fans, I tighten my heart again. I will write it like this. ”

He continued, “Recently, I sometimes search for and see the video that I was active in before, but the person in the video seems to be, it really me?’. Looking back, it was a beautiful memory that I can never return to. It’s so painful and lethargic, but nowadays I’m working hard to meet you again. I’m having a lonely birthday now, but it’s warm with your congratulatory messages, encouragement, and support. As I took it, I greet him in a more mature and mature form. I want to meet him very much. ”

SUPERNOVA’s Sung Je and Yoonhak were charged at home in August of this year on suspicion of illegal gambling abroad. They are suspected of gambling baccarat worth about 50 million won (about 4.7 million yen) in the Philippines from 2016 to 2018.

When such a fact was reported, the agency side said on the 15th, “Yoonhak and Sung Je deeply regret and regret that they acted carelessly with easy thoughts while traveling. We apologize for the disappointment and concern of the fans and stakeholders who have supported us so far. Through this incident, we have always carefully considered each action and made it public. I realized once again that I must act responsibly as a person who stands in the field. From now on, I will always think carefully and act responsibly. ”

Photo = SUPERNOVA Sung Je’s Twitter

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