T-ARA Ji-yeon challenges to make only one unique card case in the world! The result is (with video)

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Photo = Ji-yeon YouTube screen capture

Ji-yeon of T-ARA tried to make a card case.

On the 17th, a video titled “I tried to make it easily” was uploaded to Ji-yeon’s personal YouTube channel “JIYEON”.

“This time, actor Lee Dong-Joo helped me when I worked part-time at a cafe in the previous video, taught me as a leather craft teacher.”

Ji-yeon chose the color of the leather used to make the card case, drew a picture on the leather with a cone, and cut it according to the pattern. She seemed hesitant because he had to use a paperweight to draw as little movement as possible, but Lee Dong-Joo encouraged her, saying, “Anyone can do it.”

After successfully sketching, Ji-yeon immediately started cutting leather. When she asked, “What does the teacher do while I’m doing this?” She replied, “I just look by my side,” and laughed.

Then, the rough part was polished and the cross section of the leather was trimmed with a finishing material. Lee Dong-Joo said, “To prevent the leather from sticking to the front part, the leather is erected and the cross section is trimmed.”

“Because it’s my own card case, I’ll engrave Ji-yeon’s initials.” Ji-yeon said, “I’ll make it J. This really makes sense. It would be nice to do it with a couple or friends.” , I did the work of putting the initials myself.

After the bond work and sewing work, she said, “I have created my only unique card case in the world. I am very grateful to the teacher who was really hard today.”

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