TREASURE: A closer look at real life! From the release of their own songs to the professionalism of music show MCs


The Vlog containing the special day of TREASURE was blitzed to the public.

On the 7th, ‘TREASURE MAPseason episode 245 was posted on YG ENTERTAINMENTs official blog. In this video, the real daily life of the 12 members of TREASURE with 120% concentration was captured.

Junkyu, who looked somewhat awkward in front of the self-camera, introduced the songs he was working on one by one. From his own compositions, “Stupid Guy” and “A Guy Like Me,” he performed the classic songs he recorded with Choi Hyun Suk, Hurt, and Park Jung Woo, and charmed the fans with his honeyed voice that highlighted his beauty.
In addition, Asahi showed a cup noodle moppan (eating in front of a broadcast) that he stocked up in Japan, and Yoon Jaehyuk revealed his favorite cologne and room, and then went for a ride on a (public bicycle in Seoul) with the members, making the viewers feel happy.
Choi Hyun Suk, who usually spends most of his time in the composition room, was as absorbed in his musical work as ever. When he visited the practice room for a change of pace, he showed off his own compositions for the first time, rapping without hesitation and showing off his free-spirited charm of letting go of the rhythm. Bang Ye-dam also revealed his scene in the composition room and charmed fans with his addictive and light-hearted song “IN ANY WAY”.
Park Jung Woo, Hurt, Yoshi, and Mashiho spent time together in their quarters, engrossed in a game. The youngest of the group, So Junghwan, was studying hard for his upcoming midterm exam, while Doyoung was taking vitamins and taking care of his health as part of his “after work routine.
At the end of the video, Jihoon is seen practicing his MC script for SBS’s “Popular Songs” until he falls asleep, showing his professionalism that shines through to the end.
In addition to music programs, TREASURE has been interacting with fans around the world through various contents, expanding the realm of their popularity. Their recently released first full-length album in Japan, “THE FIRST STEP: TREASURE EFFECT,” won five awards in Japan’s major weekly album rankings, including Oricon, LINE MUSIC, and Billboard Japan.