PIXY releases the final concept trailer for their first mini-album “BRAVERY”

Photo=ALLART Entertainment, HAPPY TRIBE Entertainment

PIXY has released a new trailer for their first mini-album ‘BRAVERY’, unraveling one by one the clues to the story that has been speculated by fans.

Today (11th) at midnight, the third concept trailer for “Chapter02. Fairy forest “Bravery”” “INSOMNIA” was released on the official SNS.

The video begins with someone holding a small box in the dark background. The red-haired fairies look anxious as they stare somewhere, while the soundly sleeping fairies give off the opposite vibe. It stimulates our curiosity as to what her actions have to do with the witches.

Continuing on, the red-haired fairy hastily hides the box, and the peaceful appearance of the other fairies, who may or may not know about this, leaves a lingering impression on the story as to whether it will be a source of conflict, whether there is some secret between them, and what relationship the butterfly and the box have.

In addition, unlike the hectic situation, the BGM “INSOMNIA” with its calm and beautiful melody gives us a new charm. PIXY showed a strong performance and intense appearance as calm and innocent as the video, showing a wide range of appearance suitable for the qualifier ‘concept idol’.

PIXY has included a message about the second story of the world view one by one through the concept trailer that was released prior to this. Therefore, it will be interesting to see what kind of story the last concept trailer will tell about the story of the world view.

The first mini-album “BRAVERY” will be released on the 20th of this month.