Ciipher’s Tan selected as the main character in the web drama “Phantom School”! His first acting challenge!


Tan of the idol group Ciipher is trying his hand at acting for the first time.

Today (25th), his agency RAIN COMPANY said, “Tan has been cast as the main character in the web drama ‘Phantom School’ produced by drama production company BAMBOO NETWORK (YouTube channel ‘BPLAY’).

“Phantom School” is an action-fantasy drama based on the theme of demons. It tells the story of a phantom who tries to bring chaos to the world by controlling people who have been corrupted by lust, and the hunters who try to protect the peace of the world by blocking such phantoms.

In “Phantom School,” Tan plays the role of Lee Do-gyeom, the male lead. Lee Do-gyeom, is the object of admiration for many students because of his kind nature and handsome visuals. Tan plans to portray Lee Do-gyeom in a warm and gentle manner, as well as in a mysterious way.

Tan said, “Playing the role of Lee Do-gyeom in ‘Phantom School’ is my first acting challenge. I’m excited and nervous, but I’m also trying my best to show a good performance as an actor. Through this drama, I plan to show you a new image that is different from the one I showed you as Tan in Ciipher. I hope you will give me a lot of support and expectation,” he said about his first challenge in acting.

Tan debuted in March with the idol group Ciipher. His debut song “I Like You,” with its addictive chorus and easy-to-mimic dance moves, drew a lot of attention, and he has shown off his diverse charms on stage and in a number of variety shows.

The web drama “Phantom School” starring Tan and NC.A will start airing in the second half of 2021.