Girls’ Generation Taeyeon & SHINee Key & IZ*ONE Choi Ye-na Smile … Jae Jae Releases selfie Shot

Photo = Jae Jae Instagram

Jae Jae has released a few selfie shots with some guests with the caption of “Amazing Saturday”.

On the 7th, Jae Jae wrote on his Instagram, “‘Amazing Saturday’ is interesting and rolls around. Everyone, I haven’t got a group photo because I came back soon. I’ll go again for the second round.”

In the photo, you can see Jae Jae, Choi Ye-na of IZ*ONE, Taeyeon of Girls’ Generation, and Key of SHINee while Jae Jae with red hair made a presence among the stars.

Taeyeon and Key showed excellent idol-like visuals, and Choi Ye-na tickled the fans her cuteness. “My heart reacts to SMP (SM Music performance),” said Jae Jae, who confesses to be a big SM fan, with a particularly happy smile.

Jae Jae and Choi Ye-na, who appeared on TVING’s first original program “Girls’ High School Detective Club”, made a guest appearance on tvN “Amazing Saturday : DoReMi Market” broadcasted in South Korea on the 6th.