Go Joon-hee reveals a gift from her father… “On the day of my coming-of-age ceremony…”

Photo: Go Joon-hee Instagram

Actress Go Joon-hee boasted about a gift from her father.

On the 15th, she posted a photo on her Instagram with the comment, “On my coming-of-age day, my father gave me a gift that I will cherish for a long time.”

In the photo, she is holding a brand-new bag that her father gave her as a gift, and then she opens the bag to organize the contents, showing her meticulousness.

Go Joon-hee also said, “This bag was given to me by my mother. I need to put an inner bag in it to make it last longer,” she said, showing off another bag.

Fans who saw the photo responded, “I want to see ‘What’s in my bag'” and “Anything is a brand if our sister carries it.”

Go Joon-hee recently told her fans through Instagram, “I have a feeling that we will definitely meet in a good work.