Yoo Yeon-seok & Lee Yeon-hee & Kim Kang-Woo & Girls’ Generation Choi Soo-young will appear in the movie “New Year Blues”

Photo = movie poster

With a message of support, the movie “New Year Blues”,  is attracting attention as a promising film for the Lunar New Year, and has been nominated for the “19th Florence Korean Film Festival”. It will be released in eight Asian countries.

The 19th Florence Korean Film Festival announced on the 9th that the movie “New Year Blues” was nominated for the competition section “Korean Horizons”.

The “Florence Korean Film Festival” has a long history of cultural exchange that introduces various genres of Korean films to Italy, and has attracted many Korean film fans in Italy. “New Year Blues” was nominated for the Korean commercial film “Korean Horizons” at the “19th Florence Korean Film Festival” which starts on May 21st and ends on May 28th.

Riccardo Gelli, a director at the “Florence Korean Film Festival,” said, “In an original format that connects the stories of four couples with different conflicts under one theme, the delicate production of director Hong Ji-young stands out. Above all. It’s a movie that admires the solid performance of the leading actors and gives warmth and laughter to our tired hearts. ”Not only did he show high satisfaction with the film, but he also expected it to receive a lot of feedback from the local audience. ..

Furthermore, “New Year Blues” will be released in eight Asian countries such as Singapore on February 11 (Thursday), Hong Kong on February 18 (Thursday), and Taiwan and Cambodia on March 12 (Friday) (all in local time). , We are planning to send a warm message of support to the whole world.

Especially for lovers, it will be released on Valentine’s Day and White Day, and that spectators who visit the movie theater with their lovers will receive an even more special time.

“New Year Blues” will be released on February 10th in South Korea.