UP10TION’s comeback in June? A preview image was released.

Photo=TOP Media

UP10TION’s comeback spoiler image has been released.

Today (May 20), the “UP10TION Comeback Spoiler Image” was released through their official SNS.

The yellow-accented image was created with the words “UP10TION” and “CONNECTION” superimposed on each other, which drew the attention of fans as they wondered what the connection was between the two words.

In particular, the nineteen numbers ranging from 9347 to 263 captured the attention of the fans, who continued to speculate on the meaning of the numbers and raised their expectations for the new album to be released in June.

UP10TION released their 9th mini album “Light UP” last September. Recently, members Sunyoul and Hwanhee appeared on MBN’s “Voice King” and showed off their amazing singing skills, which drew a lot of attention from the viewers.

On the 11th of this month, UP10TION released a photo of the members holding hands on their official SNS, announcing their comeback in June. They have gained a lot of support as “versatile concept idols”, and expectations are high to see what kind of new look they will show off in their new album.