Mnet ‘Kingdom’ dancers infected with corona, iKON Donghyuk also a ‘close contact’ (all groups tested negative)


All the groups on MnetsKingdomtested negative for corona.

Following the new coronavirus infection of a freelance dancer who participated in a joint stage performance by THE BOYZ, iKON, and SF9, the performers underwent a preemptive coronavirus test, and as a result, THE BOYZ, iKON, SF9, BTOB, Stray Kids, and ATEEZ were announced to have tested negative.

However, some members of the groups whose dancers participated in the stage were found to be “close contacts,” and a new announcement has been made about the members of iKON.

YG Entertainment side

As a result of the epidemiological investigation, Kim Dong-hyuk (DK), who was determined to be a close contact, will be maintained in voluntary isolation until 12:00 p. m. on the 18th, and the quarantine authorities will continue to enforce their guidelines.

Joo-young of THE BOYZ and Yoo Tae-yang of SF9 have already been quarantined for two weeks due to “being in close contact”