f(x) Krystal looks as chic as ever in black and white photos… Jessica also commented on the post

Photo = Krystal Instagram

a chic black and white photo of f(x) Krystal.

On the 5th, Krystal posted one photo on her Instagram.

In the released photo, she is staring somewhere in a short sleeved t-shirt, and her charismatic expression and black and white photo makes her look cool and attractive.

Krystal crossed her arms and boasted of her slim proportions. Her sister Jessica commented on the post, saying it was “beautiful” and drew a lot of attention.

Krystal will appear in the Netflix movieSweet and Sour,” which hits theaters on June 4. Sweet and Sourrealistically portrays the early stages of a relationship and the bitter transformation of love as if it has passed its expiration date. The film showcases the real situations of young people who cant get along in reality or in love.