Model-turned-actor Julian Kang surprised fans by announcing his new “job.”

Former model and actor Julian Kang caught attention with the unexpected news of his ’employment’.

Julian Kang, a model-turned-actress posted a photo on Instagram on the 6th / Julian Kang Instagram
Julian Kang, a model-turned-actor posted a photo on Instagram on the 6th / Julian Kang Instagram

On the 6th, Julian Kang posted several pictures on his Instagram saying, “Everyone, I got a job. As a part-timer.”

In the released photos, he was captured visiting a clothing brand store. Dressed in a cream top and shorts, Julian Kang, who boasts a long leg as a former model, caught the attention of many. Especially, his well-defined muscles from exercising displayed an impressive figure.

What is more amazing is that the clothes Julian Kang was wearing in the photo were products he planned himself through collaboration with the brand.

Julian Kang explained, “The brand that I collaborated with has loose-fit shirts that makes your shoulders look broader. It looks like a bear when you wear it, and it’s comfortable.”

he added, “I have prepared a pop-up store with the brand. I plan to reveal the products that I participated in planning at the pop-up store.”

he also expressed his desire to meet his fans, saying, “I plan to visit in person, and it would be nice to meet you.” he also revealed the event venue and schedule.

Netizens applauded Julian Kang’s display of talent in various fields. They left comments such as “Awesome”, “Congratulations! Great job”, “Looking forward to it”, “Fashionable celebrity Julian Kang’s younger brother”, “Cheering for you”, and “I want to see you.”

Some could not help but be amazed by his figure, leaving comments such as “Isn’t he naturally broad-shouldered?”, “his body is legendary”, “Is it really possible to have a body like that?”, and “It looks like someone just resized his face.”

Julian Kang, born to a Korean father and a French mother, holds Canadian and French nationalities. After working in Canada, he debuted as an entertainer in Korea in 2007.

he has appeared on various entertainment programs such as “Hey Hey Hey 2”, “We Got Married”, “Our Neighborhood Arts and Physical Education”, “Real Men’s Military Training Project”, sitcoms “High Kick Through The Roof”, “High Kick Short Legs’ Counterattack”, and “Potato Star.”

Inspired by his brother, professional mixed martial artist Dennis Kang, Julian Kang is knowledgeable about sports such as muay Thai, and communicates with fans through his YouTube channel ‘Julian Kang’, sharing workout tips and more. As of the morning of the 7th, Julian Kang’s channel has over 370,000 subscribers.