“Ha Ji Won’s younger brother” late Jun Tae-soo, 3 years today (1/21) from a sudden obituary

Photo = Newsen DB

It’s been three years since the news of actor Jun Tae-soo.

Jun Tae-soo died on January 21, 2018 at the age of 34. Jun Tae-soo was treated for depression during his lifetime and was considering returning to acting after his condition improved, but we were saddened by the news that he had died.

Only his sister and actress Ha Ji-won, his family and acquaintances participated in the coffin ceremony to see him off.

Ha Ji Won, who saw off her younger brother’s casket at that time, said, “Beautiful star. May the star be born in a world that shines infinitely. May my beloved star, that star be happier than anyone else in the world. May I be a star loved by all people. I love you. My beautiful star, Tae.”

Jun Tae-soo made his debut in 2007 on “A Good Day to Love” and appeared on KBS 2TV “Tokimeki ☆ Sungkyunkwan Scandal”, SBS “The King and I”, MBC “All My Love For You” and so on.