SUPER JUNIOR Lee Sung-min & Kim Sa-eun couple, SM specifies the wedding date?

Photo = Screen chapter of YouTube channel “SHANTOKKI”

SUPER JUNIOR’s Sungmin and Kim Sa-eun talked about their memories of their marriage.

On the 6th, Kim Sa-eun posted a video titled “Can I say this? Couple Q & A Q & A | SHANTOKKI Kim Sa-eun Shan & Liu” on the YouTube channel “SHANTOKKI”.

When asked about the first time he met Kim Sa-eun in the released video, he said, “I co-starred in the musical” Three Gunmen, “but it was awkward because I was an idol. I had never performed in a big theater, so I was a little weak. “

Kim Sa-eun, who recreated the time when she asked for his age during their first encounter, said, “For a moment, I asked,’Well, my friend?’. Even though I was born in 1986 on the Internet … I saw everything before we met. However, from my point of view, born in 1985, I was like, “What? I was born in 1986, but what is the same age?” I thought, “You are trying to pretend to be the same age.” ..

Sungmin said, “because i started early, all my school-age friends were born in 1985. I was misunderstand stood. I often messed up my friendships. I was born in 1986, but I was born in 1985. I had a lot of friends. “

When asked about the time when preparing for the wedding, Kim Sa-eun said, “For the time being, we are a little different from the ordinary couple’s wedding preparation.” “When deciding the wedding day, it is usually good for both families to decide. We decide in the daytime, but at that time we didn’t do that at all. “

At that time, Sungmin, who was active as SUPER JUNIOR, said, “I was doing group activities, so I had to do it according to the schedule of the group. So I opened the 6-month schedule and searched for possible days. “The company decided the best day among them, but it seems that it was a good day,” he confessed.

Kim Sa-eun added, “The weather was good. It snowed a lot that day. I live happily.”