Mija: “After losing 80kg to get to 48kg, I gained 15kg in just two months, and if I eat late-night snacks, I gain an additional 5kg.”

Mija, a comedian, confessed her dieting story. On the 15th, she said, “I love eating so much that I gained 15kg in just two months during the summer vacation of my senior year in high school, and I even reached 80kg just before the college entrance exam. (Now, there is over 30kg difference) I’m the type that gains weight as I eat.”

Mija, who said she hasn’t missed a diet since college, now only focuses on healthy diets and complained, “My weight fluctuates between 46-51kg, but if I film eating shows or eat late-night snacks often, I can gain up to 5kg in no time.”

Mija added, “I don’t exercise much except for walking, so I pay a lot of attention to what I eat. However, after filming an eating show and going back and forth to my parents’ house, I gained up to 52.5kg” and said she will resume her management again.

Mija, who is 170cm tall, became a hot topic by revealing that she lost weight from 80kg to 48kg. She said, “The most effective diet was the tomato diet, but my hair fell out, and I didn’t have my period for over two years. I even fainted at Sindorim Station. It was the worst diet.”

Meanwhile, comedian she married comedian Kim Tae-hyun last year.