KARA Young-ji reveals idol’s love know-how: “If my cell phone is confiscated…”

Photo=MBC every1

KARA’s Young-ji revealed her idol’s love know-how.

On today’s (12th) Korean broadcast of the cable channel MBC every1’s “South Korean Foreigners,” KARA’s Young-ji, T-ARA’s Qri, Chakra’s Hwangbo, and CLEO’s Chae Eun-jung will appear in a quiz showdown as a special feature on “generational girls group” that built an era.

When MC Kim Young-man asked how T-ARA was managed when they were rookies, Qri replied, “When we were rookies, our weight was controlled and the day before our debut, our cell phones were confiscated. When asked how T-ARA was managed as rookies, Qri confessed.

When Kim Young-man asked if this was a measure to prevent secret relationships, Choi Eun-jung answered frankly, “I can fall in love even without a cell phone. However, Hwangbo said, “Among the members, one must have a cell phone. I contacted that member and asked themd to take over for me,” revealing the senior idol’s love know-how, but denying it, saying, “Of course, it’s not my story,” causing people to laugh.

Young-ji then revealed her groundbreaking know-how, saying, “At that time, when my cell phone was confiscated, I was able to use MP3 and connect to the Internet and chat. Hwangbo and Chae Eun-jung laughed at this, saying, “That didn’t happen when we were active,” an answer that showed the age of the older idols.

South Korean Foreigners,” in which Young-ji will appear, will air at 8:30 p.m. on the 12th.