Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon expresses a change in her state of mind?

Amid news that Kakao has acquired ownership of SM Entertainment, the cryptic post by Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon is drawing attention.

On March 16th, she posted a quote from the author Kim Tokki on her Instagram story: “Everything changes. Thoughts, hearts, people. Everything we thought was eternal changes in the end.”

The day before, on the 15th, she posted a screenshot of Justin Bieber’s “Changes” playing.

Last month, when there was a dispute over ownership of SM Entertainment between the current management and producer Lee Soo-man, Taeyeon posted a screenshot of a scene from the movie “Three Ways to Survive in a Ruined World.” The scene featured actor Ryoo Seung-bum saying “Everyone is really trying hard,” and at the time, there was speculation that Taeyeon was making fun of the management’s quarrels.

On the 13th, she posted a screenshot from the Netflix series “The Glory,” in which Park Yong-jin (played by Lim Ji-Yeon) submits her resignation to the company. In the post, Taeyeon wrote her real name, Kim Taeyeon, on the part of the screen where Park Yong-jin’s name was written.

Meanwhile, the ownership dispute at SM Entertainment came to an end on the 12th, with Kakao holding the management rights and HYBE collaborating on the platform side.


NCT DREAM wins first place on “SBS INKIGAYO” “We’re glad to receive so much love.”

Photo=SBS INKIGAYO” Broadcast Screen Capture

NCT DREAM won first place on “SBS INKIGAYO” for the first time.

OH MY GIRL, NCT DREAM, and Brave Girls were candidates for first place on SBS’s “SBS INKIGAYO,”. As a result of the tally, this week’s number one was NCT DREAM.

Photo=”SBS INKIGAYO” Broadcast Screen Capture

Mark said, “This is the first time we’ve won first place on ‘SBS INKIGAYO’. We would like to thank Mr. Lee Soo-man and all the senior members of SM and everyone else. This is our first full-length album, so we wanted to enjoy working on it, but we’re glad to receive so much love. We’re going to do our best,” he said, expressing his heartfelt gratitude.

Jisung also said, “we’re going to work even harder,” he added.

Photo=”SBS INKIGAYO” Broadcast Screen Capture


SM announces that it will release an audition show by the end of this year (NCT Hollywood) in collaboration with a major American production company.

Photo=SM Entertainment

SM Entertainment (SM) and producer Lee Soo Man have teamed up with major American production company MGM Worldwide Television (MGM) and producer Mark Burnett to bring K-Pop to Hollywood.

SM announced on the 7th (6th, local time in the US) that it will release an audition program for the debut ofNCT-Hollywoodin the US and other world music markets by the end of this year, together with Hollywoods MGM, which produced famous American audition programs such asThe Voice,SurvivorandShark Tank.

Lee Soo-man, who has been pioneering the global expansion of K-pop for the past 30 years, will combine his expertise in producing artists and music content with the content production skills of Mark Burnett, who has directed famous American audition programs such asThe Voice.

This global audition will be held to discover new members of NCT in Hollywood. Any male between the ages of 13 and 25 from all over the world can apply, and the final selected participants will be produced by representative Lee Soo Man and mentored by NCT members based on SMs main system in Korea, CT (Culture Technology), and will embark on global activities as members of the newly debuted NCT-Hollywood in the future.

Through this project, SM plans to lead K-POP as a central American culture in Hollywood with MGM.

We are happy to be able to develop the global audition project with Mark Burnett and MGM,” said Lee Soo-man. I want to create a new form of audition program that will be interesting for music fans around the world to watch,” he said, “and I intend to produce so that participants with infinite potential can develop their abilities as artists. Starting with Hollywood, I would like you to watch together the birth of the main character who plays an active role asNCT-Hollywoodin the global market. “

Mark Burnett also commented, “This global audition is an innovative program produced by MGM on a global scale,” andK-POP means more than just one genre of music, and it is a cultural phenomenon. We are very excited to lead K-POP to the U. S. with the truly amazing Representative Lee Soo-man and SM Entertainment. “