Former INFINITE’s Hoya releases digital single “1AM” on June 9 … also participated in writing and composing lyrics.

Photo=Glorious Entertainment

Former INFINITE member Hoya will resume activities with the digital single “1AM”.

On the 9th, Hoya will release the digital single “1AM”. This is his first comeback in about three years since the release of “Baby U” in 2018, and he wrote, composed, and produced all the songs and directly participated in the direction of the music video.

The title track of this album, “1AM,” changed the letter “I” to the number “1” to express a double meaning. He directly participated in writing, composing, and producing the song, and his feelings of wanting to tell the true story of “I” contained in the song, and we can expect to see him grow even more musically.

In particular, the album is composed of three songs in the R & B genre, with a melody made with guitar and piano, and Hoya’s own deep sensitivity. The music video for the title song, which features a friendship appearance by actress Lim Se-Mi, was born from his innovative idea.

In addition, Hoya’s sensual direction was added to the music video. The one-take filming technique enhances the immersion of the viewers, and at the same time, the acting skills that express the emotions of the title song as it is stimulates curiosity about ‘1AM’.

Hoya’s new album, which tells the story of the real “me” in the digital single “1AM,” will be released through various music distribution sites at 6 p.m on the 9th.