ONEWE will make a comeback on June 16! They will release their first mini-album “Planet Nine : Alter Ego”


ONEWE will make a comeback on June 16.

On May 31, ONEWE unveiled the motion logo of their first mini album ‘Planet Nine : Alter Ego’ through their official SNS.

The video started with a dark background and a scene of heavy rain, and with the sound of rain, the logo of ONEWE appeared in order like paint spreading, attracting attention. Later, the album name and release date of ONEWE’s first mini-album “Planet Nine : Alter Ego” was revealed for the first time, raising expectations for the comeback.

Starting with their debut single, “1/4,” ONEWE has been active, and has achieved the status of a talented boy band, singing and playing, as well as producing all of their own songs.

Rock ballads, retro, hip-hop, etc., regardless of genre, a wide spectrum and a gorgeous band performance, only ONEWE as a genius band has built a musical world, the first mini-album “Planet Nine: Alter Ego” to see what they will show us again with their first mini-album “Planet Nine : Alter Ego.”


ONEWE unveils unreleased song “AuRoRa” at online concert … Special preview video released

ONEWE’s unreleased song “AuRoRa” has been unveiled.

On the 23rd and 24th, ONEWE, which will hold an online concert “STUDIO WE: LIVE # 6 [ONEWE? Or ONEWE!]” Through NAVER’s live video distribution app “V LIVE”, will hold an unreleased song “AuRoRa” will be released for the first time on the stage.

At midnight on the 22nd, the agency RBW released a special preview video of the unreleased song “AuRoRa” through ONEWE’s official YouTube channel. In this video, a part of the song and the lyrics “I got this on my way / I got this on my way / I got this on my way / I got this on my way / The aurora I got from you is always / I got this on my way / Remove the clouds that hid you” It was published together.

“AuRoRa” is ONEWE’s rock ballad with a variety of compositions based on the lyrical mood of the aurora, which becomes brighter as it gets darker. In particular, it is known that Kang Hyun, Young Hoon, and Kia participated in the songwriting, and expectations are rising.

ONEWE, has fascinated fans through their evolved band performance in the rich sound that only the band can show at each performance.

ONEWE’s performance will be broadcast live worldwide on the 23rd and 24th at 8:00 pm through the official channel of “V LIVE” ONEWE.