“MAMAMOO’s sister group” PURPLE K!SS, 1st mini album “INTO VIOLET”concept photos


PURPLE K!SS released their debut album ‘INTO VIOLET’ personal concept photos of members Park Ji Eun and Na Go Eun through their official SNS on the 4th.

Park Ji Eun wows viewers with her clear eyes and attractive atmosphere in the released photo. Especially, as the oldest member of PURPLE K!SS, she showed off her personality and charisma successfully.

In addition, Na Go Eun, who successfully transformed her styling with purple hair color, wore a costume with gorgeous bead decorations, and stole our eyes with her rich atmosphere, and is expected to be a member with excellent vocal and dance skills. PURPLE K!SS will release  concept photos of each member in turn, starting with the two members, to draw attention of their debut album ‘INTO VIOLET’.

In addition, Park Ji Eun and Na Go Eun appeared on Mnet’s “PRODUCE48” broadcasted in Korea on 2018 and received great support from viewers with their stable vocal abilities and great live performances, securing a lot of fandoms (a specific group of fans).

PURPLE K!SS released two pre-debut singles ‘My Heart Skip a Beat’ and ‘Can We Talk Again’ prior to this and their official debut album ‘INTO VIOLET’ will be released on March 15 at 6 p.m. through various music distribution sites.


“MAMAMOO’s sister group” PURPLE K!SS releases their second pre-debut song titled “Can We Talk Again” MV

Photo = “Can We Talk Again” Music Video Capture

RBW’s rookie girl group PURPLE K!SS is expected to dye the K-POP market purple with attractive ballad numbers before their full-scale debut.

At 6 pm on the 3rd, PURPLE K!SS released the sound source and music video of their second pre-debut single “Can We Talk Again” through music distribution sites.

PURPLE K!SS’s new song “Can We Talk Again” is a song in which Korea’s best producer Kim Do-hoon and member Yuki directly participated. It’s a track that expresses the members tones and is said through the pain and fear of parting with emptiness and powerlessness which were interpreted by the singing abilities of PURPLE K!SS.

In particular, “Can We Talk Again” has the opposite atmosphere to the first single “My Heart Skip a Beat” which showed “girl power” with an intense performance, and there is no limit to the seven girls with a wide range of music.

In fact, PURPLE K!SS said in “Can We Talk Again”, “If we go back to the past / If we can laugh again / Love again / As if nothing happened / Back to you again / It’s more lonely and painful than I thought / Because your existence was so big / I can’t throw away my regrets I stupid / Time with you / Rather I want to forget, I frankly expressed the various emotions I felt after parting.

Along with “I don’t want to wake up / because you aren’t near me / you erased my daily life / Again and again I remember again / I can’t stop / I’ll go back in time again If you can meet / Don’t be a big deal / As if you didn’t / Act calmly / Every day isn’t easy / Tired / I’m trapped in my memory / I can’t get out / Why I can’t get out / I pretended to be empty and calm after parting with the lyrics, “My heart is emptying,”.

Photo = RBW

PURPLE K!SS sang farewell in “Can We Talk Again” and the music video portrayed the farewell of “7 people, 7 colors”. They expressed feelings of loved ones or suffering from being separated from love which matches the atmosphere of the song, and completed a work reminiscent of a movie.

In this way, PURPLE K!SS has attracted the attention of global fans as an “ability girl group” through various promotions before taking the first step in the K-POP market in earnest. PURPLE K!SS has performed a variety of genres from an early stage, perfecting everything from heroic dance numbers to sad ballad numbers. Expectations are rising as to what kind of activities will shake the K-POP market after they officially debut.

PURPLE K!SS is a new girl group of RBW to which Mamamoo, ONEUS, ONEWE, etc. belong, and is a 7-member girl group consisting of Park Ji-eun, Na Goeun, Dosie, Ireh, Yuki, Chaein, and Swan.

PURPLE K!SS has not only excellent vocal and dance skills, but also participated in songwriting, composition, and choreography creation even before their debut.