BTS (Bangtan Boys), for the first time since their debut! Solo talk show “Let’s BTS” starts at the end of March


KBS said through a press release on March 2, “We have planned a special program ‘2021 Special Talk Show [Let’s BTS]’ featuring all seven members of BTS. We will introduce the message of comfort and hope to everyone going through the pandemic.

This is the first talk show with BTS’s name in the title since their debut, and that alone has attracted a lot of interest.

The production team said, “Through this ‘Let’s BTS,’ we plan to portray not only one side of BTS as global artists, but also the candid stories of seven young men who are living in this era together. He said, “I’m going to weave a story that I’ve never seen or heard elsewhere in a variety of ways, including a structure that allows the members to share their hearts with each other,” and revealed that he is even preparing a special device that allows people to interact with BTS.

He also said, “It will be a special feature about BTS and ‘the comfort they convey to the world’ in a friendly way for viewers,” and added, “In addition to the talk show, you can see BTS’ live stage. We are preparing a special stage that is different from the previous stages. It will be a place where you can feel the power of comfort that they convey through their music.

The talk show will also feature surprise appearances by celebrities, which will make us curious.

The talk show will be hosted by Shin Dong Yeob, whom is known as the god of talk “Dong Yeob God”, and he will be the sole MC for the show.

The fresh chemistry between BTS and Shin Dong-yeop is expected to be a new highlight of the show.

BTS and Shin Dong-Yeop’s fresh chemistry is expected to be a new point of interest for viewers, and they will even be joined by comedian Jang Do-Yeon, who has been attracting attention lately, to perform a special corner.

The “2021 Special Talk Show [Let’s BTS]” will be a special gift to the people of Korea and the world, and will be broadcasted in Korea on March 29 at 10:40 p.m. on KBS 2TV.