“Girls’ Generation Taeyeon’s real sister,” Hayeon, will release her digital single “idkwtd,” which will be written by an AI composer.


The sound source of Hayeon’s new song, which was created by an AI artificial intelligence composer, will be released in the form of NFT (Non-Fungible Token, a digital token that represents the ownership of an artist’s digital goods).

On the morning of the 10th, snowDAQ, an NFT marketplace specializing in K-culture, announced, “The NFT product package containing the sound source, music video and artwork of Hayeon’s digital single ‘idkwtd (I don’t know what to do)’, which was released in the form of NFT in April, will be exclusively released through snowDAQ’s official website.

Hayeon’s new song “idkwtd” is based on a demo song created by Aimy Moon, a virtual AI composer developed by A.I.M. Aimy Moon is an AI music generation engine that utilizes deep learning and neural network technology, and is in charge of composing and producing all of the content that A.I.M produces. Aimy Moon has released more than 1,000 songs through social networking sites and has already formed a worldwide fandom (a specific group of fans) with a sound so trendy that it is hard to believe it is artificial intelligence.

Hayeon is the younger sister of Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon, and has been attracting attention even before her debut, which was last October with the song “Eyes on you” composed by AI composer Aimy Moon. Hayeon will meet her fans on the 15th through NFT’s online performance.

On the 7th, snowDAQ, which attracted a great deal of attention by releasing Korea’s first K-pop idol’s sound source in the form of NFT, is expanding its field to AI through this collaboration. This is the first time that a music video containing K-pop music, which incorporates AI composed music and AI video editing technology, will be sold through the global NFT market. snowDAQ will continue to collaborate with various fields, starting with NFT music.

snowDAQ has signed a strategic partnership agreement with Enterarts, the world’s first AI music label, to secure artificially intelligent music, video and various artworks. The company has also developed a global marketing strategy through a strategic partnership agreement with another partner company, NFT Oasis, a VR-based metaverse operator, and is building a value chain of workplaces, marketing places, and marketplaces with various partner companies. The company has become a pioneer in the global digital entertainment market.