TRI.BE, Soeun & Hyunbin & Kelly, etc., prologue films released one after another

Photo = TR Entertainment and MELLOW ENTERTAINMENT

TR Entertainment and MELLOW ENTERTAINMENT, to which TRI.BE belongs, have been releasing personal prologue films of members Soeun, Hyunbin, and Kelly through official YouTube and SNS accounts for 3 days from the 6th to the 8th.

The released prologue is a preview video that shows overwhelming performance of each of the seven members and their ability to handle various concepts. Prior to their official debut, the members of TRI.BE appealed their outstanding ability and left a strong impression on the fans.

Soeun, the third protagonist of the prologue film, captivated the viewer with her fascinating look and bold performance. Through the “TRI.BE Manual” released prior to this and the reality web variety show “Let’s TRI BE”.

The fourth protagonist is Hyunbin, who appeals to Girls Swag with powerful and rhythmic performances. The fifth protagonist, Kelly, attracted attention for her age-appropriate sensibility and charismatic performance. Kelly, who has won the “BATTLE LOCKIN'” in Japan, is proud of her gorgeous dance ability suitable and has attracted the attention of fans all over the world.

Prior to this, the prologue films of members Kelly and Songsun were also released on the 4th and 5th.

TRI.BE is a new girl group consisting of 7 members, Songsun , Kelly, Jia, Hyunbin, Jinha, Soeun, and Mire. They are made up of members who have not only ability but also versatile talent, wonderful visuals, and unique charm.

Until their debut, TRI.BE will release group and individual concept images, prologue films, album previews, lyric preview images, music video preview images of “DOOM DOOM TA”, prologue, etc. in order to raise awareness for their debut.

TRI.BE’s debut single “TRI.BE Da Loca” will be released on the 17th at 6 pm through music distribution sites.