Billlie has released a new track preview for her 4th mini-album, giving fans a glimpse of the highly polished songs to come.

Photo=Mystic Story

Billlie has released a series of track previews for their new mini-album, teasing the arrival of a highly polished album.

On the 17th and 18th, Billlie sequentially uploaded preview contents of “track drop #2” and “track drop #3” for their 4th mini-album “the Billage of perception: chapter three” on their official YouTube channel and social media.

Following “nevertheless,” the video for the second track preview “lionheart (the real me)” depicts a mysterious atmosphere with only a television on in an empty room. Then, a Latin-inspired hip-hop track is played. Moon Sua and Siyoon’s strong rap matches the meaningful lyrics “what I was always searching for and lost was myself in that fog,” followed by Tsuki’s firm vocals, delivering a unique charm.

The third revealed track is “extra-ordinary.” The video starts with Moon Sua hanging up the phone and turning around. This song has an impressive funk melody and direct lyrics like “extra, for the most beautiful you in us” and “even if there’s no answer, it’s okay if I love you,” which go well with Billlie’s voice.

In particular, Billlie’s new album is getting attention for the many hitmakers from Korea and overseas who participated. “lionheart (the real me)” features Korean and foreign top producers such as Lee Woo-min, collapsedone, and Justin Reinstein, who have worked with Billlie from previous albums. For “extra-ordinary,” star lyricist Jo Yoon-kyung and Xydo, who has worked with NCT 127 and MAMAMOO’s Fiin, contributed to enhancing the album’s quality.

Not only with the support of famous producers, but Billlie is also expected to showcase a wide range of musical spectrums, such as Latin, hip-hop, and funk genres. The member’s vocals are also deeper and more stable. With the release of highly polished track previews, Billlie has teased the arrival of a highly polished album, and there is growing interest in the upcoming “track drops.”

Recently, Billlie performed at the showcase stage of the world’s largest content festival, “SXSW (South by Southwest),” as an official invitation. After a successful stage that garnered acclaim from global music industry professionals, Billlie will release their 4th mini-album on the 28th for a comeback.