Girls’ Generation YoonA celebrates her birthday… and shows a cute recent shot with her dog.

Photo=Yuna Instagram

This is a photo of YoonA of Girls’ Generation with her dog.

On the 31st, YoonA wrote “Happy birthday to Leo too #0530” on her Instagram and posted a picture.

In the photo, YoonA is posing with her dog in her arms. In the photo, she is holding her dog, Leo, in a cute pose with her lips sticking out, which makes viewers smile.

She is going to appear in the movie “Happy New Year”.


Girls’ Generation YoonA is considering starring in the new drama “Big Mouth”… with Lee Jong-suk.

There is a lot of interest in whether Girls’ Generation’s YoonA and Lee Jong-suk will co-star.

On May 18, YoonA’s agency, SM Entertainment, told Newsen, “We have received an offer to star in the drama ‘Big Mouth’ and are positively considering it.

In the drama “Big Mouth,” a third-rate lawyer with a 10% chance of winning accidentally takes on a murder case and learns the truth behind it.

Earlier, Lee Jong-suk announced that he was considering playing the role of lawyer Park Chan Ho, while Yoona was offered the role of his wife, Ko Mi Ho, and there is a lot of interest in whether the two will co-star.

Big Mouth” will be written by screenwriters Jang Young Chul and Jeon Kyung Soon, with screenwriter Haram as the creator. Director Oh Choong-Hwan, who directed “While You Were Sleeping,” “Hotel Del Luna” and “Start-Up,” will direct the film.


BTS & IU too! The stars’ fashion information and cost is revealed on “Entertainment Weekly”

Photo=KBS 2TV “Entertainment Weekly” screen capture

The prices of the watches worn by the BTS members have been revealed.

In a recent live broadcast of KBS 2TV’s “Entertainment Weekly,” the stars’ fashion information was revealed in detail.

The stars’ expensive fashion items were revealed, as well as items that were actually very cheap.

BTS, which ranked 10th, is a world-class group that wears a variety of luxury brand outfits on stage as well as in their music videos. In particular, RM and Jin drew attention by wearing watches worth over 100 million won (about 88,768.16 USD) each. On the contrary, Jungkook wore a 38,000 won (33.73 USD)  Hanbok (traditional Korean clothing) at the airport and Jin wore a 12,900 won (11.45 USD) shirt at the fan meeting, showing a gap in fashion.

No. 11 IU wore a total of 77 million won (68,343.05 USD) worth of costumes and accessories in the music video for “Celebrity”. She drew attention for her 14 million won (12,425.35 USD) luxury brand hair band and 62 million won (55,026.54 USD) earrings.

YoonA of Girls’ Generation, who came in 12th, showed off her charm in a dress she wore to the award ceremony. The red dress cost 26 million won (23,067.25 USD) and the yellow dress that drew attention at the Busan International Film Festival cost 12.36 million won (10,965.82 USD).

In thirteenth place is Yuna Kim, whose costumes for the 2008-09 season totaled 12-15 million won (10,651.53- 13 K USD). The costumes and accessories worn by the retired figure skater Yuna Kim for her photo shoot amounted to 28.4 million won (25,208.61 USD). On the other hand, the shirt that she wore to the award ceremony of the Sochi Winter Olympics cost 89,000 won (79 USD), proving the saying that “the completion of fashion is face.”

No. 14 is Jo Se-ho, one of the most famous “brand-name maniacs” in the entertainment industry. He wears watches that cost 22 million won (19,527.80 USD) and says that there is no such thing as a “cheap item.”

Block B’s Zico, who came in at No. 15, showed off his exceptional fashion sense with limited edition brand collaboration shoes, of which there are only 8,000 pairs in the world. The conventional price is 3 million won (2,662.03 USD) and the cardigan, which drew attention for its neatness, cost 40,000 won (35.48 USD) and had the exact opposite appeal.

Jun Ji-hyun, came in at No. 16, showed off a brand-new look in “My Love from the Star,” including a two-piece blouse in the 10 million won (about 8,859.24 USD) range.

Kim So-yeon, ranked 17th, also drew attention with her high-end fashion shown in the drama “Penthouse.” However, she alternated between a luxury brand leather coat worth 8.9 million won (7,884.72 USD) and a dress in the range of 70,000 won ($75
USD), proving that she can wear any outfit perfectly.

In 18th place is the self-proclaimed fashion leader Lee Hyori. When she was active in SSAK3, she wore brand-name fashion items worth 1.5 to 3 million won (1,328.40 to 2,656.81 USD) for photo shoots. On the other hand, in her daily life, she wore denim pants that cost 40,000 won ($35), showing her simple appearance.


Park Jung Min and Girls’ Generation Yoona star in the movie “Miracle”

Photo=Lotte Entertainment

The movie “Miracle,” which is highly anticipated for its meeting of Park Jung Min, Lee Sung Min, Girls’ Generation’s Yoona, and Lee Soo Kyung, has released its first character trailer that contains the various charms of the four characters.

In the movie, the only way to come and go is by train, but the only dream is to build a simple station in the village where there is no train station.

The character trailers released this time capture the various charms of Jun-kyung (Park Jung-min), a mathematical genius whose only dream is to build a train station, his father Tae-yun (Lee Sung-min), a principled engineer, Ra-hee (Im Yoon Ah), a self-proclaimed muse who is tough and dynamic, and his sister Bo-kyung (Lee Soo-kyung), a “tsundere” who is a strong supporter of Jun-kyung.

Directed by Lee Jang-hoon, who also directed “Be With You,” the new film “Miracle” is expected to be released in Korea in June with its innovative theme of building the world’s smallest train station and the hilarious encounters between talented actors.