T-ARA Ji-yeon, one day part-time job experience at a cafe! From coffee making to customer service in a hurry (with video)

Photo = YouTube channel “JIYEON”

Ji-yeon of T-ARA experienced being a barista for one day.

Recently, a video titled “Park Ji-yeon, become a barista !?” was posted on Ji-yeon’s personal YouTube channel “JIYEON”.

She went to a cafe for a one-day part-time job experience and said, “Actually, I’m floating because I have no part-time job experience.”

Then I learned basic tasks such as making drinks and accounting, and started working with excitement.

When Ji-yeon rang the phone at the cafe, she was instructed to “take a call for a moment”, but she asked “Where is the phone?” And laughed. After all, when the president received the call, she showed a shy expression, “Can I do my part-time job?”

In fact, the president was Lee Dong-ju, an actor who belongs to Ji-yeon’s agency. After teaching Ji-yeon how to calculate, the president began to teach her how to make drinks. She was in a hurry when a customer came to the store while he was receiving guidance after dropping coffee beans.

An order for two glasses of espresso was received, but Ji-yeon appeared in a hurry and confused. When the president said to Ji-yeon, “Please tell me what you learned earlier,” she said, “Would you like to drink here? Do you want to take it home?” And welcomed the first customer.

Ji-yeon, who is learning how to operate the coffee machine easily, asked the president, “I get sweaty just by making a cup. I want a little sugar now. Can I drink ice chocolate?” However, the president replied, “We don’t have ice chocolate.”

When Ji-yeon picked up a new customer, he looked at her face and asked, “(Ji-yeon), right?” And laughed. Then, she realized the popularity while saying, “It seems that you can understand me just by looking at your eyes.”

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